An Illinois Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Firm Can Change the Course of Your Business

If you have an Illinois based business and an online presence, you may desire better results on the internet.  An Illinois search engine optimization and website marketing firm has the knowledge and skill to make your website highly visible, increasing targeted traffic and benefiting your business overall.

Today most business owners put their business online because they know this is where most people go to search for information, products and services.  The internet offers amazing opportunities for companies to reach spectacular heights, but when your website cannot be found it is frustrating and limits your success.  A reputable Illinois Lawyer search engine optimization and web marketing firm has the ability to propel your website to the first page of the search results for your chosen keywords and phrases.

Most people truly do not realize the impact of having a first page ranking.  When your website is on page two, three or so far down you cannot find it, traffic is sparse at best.  By obtaining a page one ranking, you can expect your visibility and targeted traffic to increase exponentially, meaning increased profits and a larger client base for you.  Any Illinois search engine optimization and website marketing firm knows that your first choice is to be ranked number one, and that is what we strive for.

That being said, some Illinois search engine optimization and website marketing firms will promise a number one ranking, which is not a promise that anyone knows for certain they can keep.  When there are millions of results for any given search term, promising a number one ranking gives false hope.  An Illinois web marketing and SEO company with integrity will be honest with you.  The truth is, a capable firm can achieve a page one ranking within a few months.  There is nothing magical in the process, it simply involves complex strategies and an aggressive, hard-working approach.

Beware of Illinois search engine optimization and website marketing companies that promise to push you to page one in a matter of weeks.  While many companies make big claims about what they can do, it is sometimes a ploy to get you to hand over the money and sign a contract.  Do your part by researching the company thoroughly, checking out their reputation, years in business and talking with current or former clients of the firm when possible.

Achieving a page one ranking for the most effective key terms and phrases is all but impossible for the average business owner without help.  It takes special knowledge in regards to search engines and their algorithms for a team of professionals to rank your website highly in the quickest way possible.  If your website is currently invisible or you just need a little assistance pushing it up to one of those top 10 spots on page one, consult with a trusted Illinois search engine optimization and website marketing firm.  It is an investment you will never regret making.

Understanding Keywords And Meta Tags

When a person is trying to look for information online, that person will often use a search engine and key in a word that best fits what they are searching for. The search engine then gives results in a list that contain key phrases that best describe what the user wanted to find. What is typed into the search engine is generally referred to as a keyword or key phrase. Keywords are able to generate thousands of results. In fact, even a single letter can already produce countless pages. On the other hand, meta tags are HTML codes that are incorporated into the header on a web page, following the title tag. In terms of Illinois SEO, meta tags often mean the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag. The meta description tag and meta keywords tag are not visible to users. Rather, these tags exist mainly to present meta document data to search engines. Generally, tags are employed to provide web browsers and search engine spiders pathways to a wide range of data.


Keywords are essential to search engine optimization and website marketing because they can assist you to reach the initial pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo. At the end of the day, the proper use of keywords can draw in better traffic to your business. Keywords are basically phrases that you include in your content.  Whether you are a lawyer, dentist, flower shop or travel company, keywords all need to be integrated the same and properly. They describe the topic or main information at hand and this is why it is always better to repeat it (in a moderate way). Repeating keywords throughout your content means that search engines can easily identify that they are relevant data. When you rank to the top, you are able to obtain more visitors simply because you’ve become more visible.

Now there is a right way and wrong way of using keywords. The types of keywords you’d want to use are those that have less competition and quality traffic. Less competition means not many individuals are producing content for those keywords, while good traffic means the number of times those keywords have been searched. This might seem a bit confusing at first, but all you need to do is create a good balance – make your keyword unique enough to lessen the competition, but something that can still be easily thought of by people conducting their search online.

Meta Tags

Although the advantages suggested by utilizing the range of meta tags on your page may not be enough, they are still helpful in understanding how search engines index and list your page. For search engines that support them, meta tags are employed in a number of ways. For one, they are utilized to describe your site in the search results. For instance, if you don’t have a meta description tag, some search engines will just catch the first few words of your page as the description of your site. If you do not supply a description tag, what shows up in the listing would probably be anything that initially shows up on your page, and this could be the alt text of a banner or graphic. There are other meta tags that individual search engines identify. However, these are the major tags that are most important to search engines.

The Positive Outcome Of Online Marketing With SEO

Chicago Illinois Search engine optimization isn’t complicated at all and depends on just 4 main aspects. First, SEO requires that the right keywords be employed. Website builders then need to optimize their website and inbound links and then evaluate results and repeat. With all these aspects applied, a positive outcome is expected among businesses that use search engine optimization.

At first, search engine optimization, or SEO, was not essential, because not nearly everyone had access to the Internet. Websites and e-commerce were not widely explored. Searching was comparatively straightforward, because there weren’t that many websites. Then the day came when the Internet grew exponentially and nearly all households had access to it. These days it’s almost a must for businesses to have at least some presence on the Internet.

Imagine, as simple one-word or even one-letter search can come up with billions of websites in the search results. Today there are about 6.7 billion people on earth, and with this knowledge, we know how important internet marketing is in the business world today.

The actual search engine optimization of a website is a vital first step to success, as words turned into markets wherein long-established, successful websites would have the benefit, and new ones would have to look for a niche in the words to become more easily accessible. The outcome of being found by the right users for the right search phrase, producing website traffic and clicks can lead to a higher page rank, enabling the web page and site to maximize into more general and competitive words and phrases more successfully.

Has search engine optimization worked for social media? Basically, SEO is used in nearly every aspect. Social media, which has been an increasing popularity in the modern world, is the perfect opportunity for search engine optimization. For instance, Google is also delnving into social media via a new service known as google Knol. Knol is a combination of Squidoo, Wikipedia, Hub Pages paired with Google technology. If you observe carefully, Knol opens doors for SEO – use anything at its initial phases. There is Social Media Optimization, or SMO, as well, which has turned into an extension of SEO.

The purpose of building social networks essentially started as sources where users could have access to other existing members and share opinions on various subjects. They have been continually expanding among web users, to the point that users have too many accounts to handle on their own. For online marketing plans social networks are ideal sites to promote products, services or support, meeting customers in a straightforward way, without any involvement of thirds in the process.

Search engine optimization has turned into a type of website marketing strategy, and studies indicate that more than 80 percent of searchers don’t go past that first page of results. When users know that their words were too ambiguous, they simply refine their search terms and attempt again. A company that does not have the Internet visibility for the appropriate search phrases will not be drawing in potential customers from search engines and will not tend to get into the rankings to become more visible, making SEO an important and continuing part of today’s e-commerce.

SEM To The Advantage Of An Illinoisan

Illinois Search engine marketing is truly a style of internet marketing that focuses on the main location that the customers try to find products or services; the search engines! Increasing your rankings in the SERP’s (search engine result pages) is becoming increasingly popular and growing in demand.  This technique employs a combination of tactics that help ensure your products or services are marketed through the proper channels. Some of the popular ways of marketing online are through SEO, paid placements, contextual advertising and others.

The absence of proper visibility can eliminate the name of your business completely online. This is the underlying idea behind the huge amount spent by companies in web design and marketing to improve their website content and popularity. Mere inclusion of captivating content into your website alone cannot produce traffic or conversions. You need to build your websites trust by building links to your website and then you must improve the conversion rates on your website itself to change website visitors in to customers.

Illinois business owners can take advantage of the numerous professionals who aim to identify and employ ways to guarantee maximum visibility online. Their services include search engine optimization, content writing, web design, PR marketing and other online marketing modes to an interested clientele. These marketing professionals also conduct web analytics that helps to keep record of the achievement’s made by on-site and off-site optimization. This close scrutiny gives website owners the ability to have an insiders look in to what their website visitors are doing and the trends they typically ensue. Web analytics provide information on the volume of visitors to the web page, the site from where they made entry to your site, the profitable keywords and the satisfactory level of the web content.  By scrutinizing this information and making improvements to your website, you can improve your conversion rates online!

Educational Institutions Benefiting From SEO In Illinois

Illinois is home to around eleven National Universities, including three of the top 100 National Universities in the country. Drawing attention to the best of the best Universities is necessary to retain their stature and ratings.

With the Internet being a great marketing medium, being on top of the search engine results can channel attention to Universities, and often times search engine users actually believe that the top results are the best resources, even though they can be altered by talented search engine marketing experts.

From specific to generic searches, the institutes have to ensure they hold top rankings in every leading search engine (especially Google). Today Google, Yahoo and Bing are three popular search engines that aid in providing quick results to search users, and help prospective customer’s find what they are looking for.   Google dominates 80% of search traffic from the most recent search engine usage reports.

One can find a number of companies who has allotted their expertise to the educational search engine optimization field. However, identification of a company with genuine experience in the respective field and an astounding success track record can assure you of a place in the top searches. Looking out for the testimonials from other customers and the feedback can throw light over how they fare in their business.

The Internet has broken down barriers of geographical boundaries. Education has always been given high priority by the people irrespective of where they come from. So being ranked on the top in search engines can assist your University in dominating the search results and showing up for specific terms that your search users are likely utilizing. For example, popular courses or degrees that your school specializes in can generate a lot of traffic and inquiries, which would turn in to new enrollments.

The process can be internally-sourced or outsourced depending on what your organization decides is best to do long term.  Illinois search engine optimization services include a wide array of tactics from website structure design to updating web content, sequencing content logically, identifying and integrating keywords (in a variety of places), creating internal links, creating external links and more. All these tasks play a key role in Search Engine Optimization. SEO consultants may also target image search, local search and even industry-wise search for a multi-faceted campaign. Other options include paid (pay per click) campaign management to improve your online visibility.

Chicago Illinois Attorneys, Lawyers & Law Firms Need SEO & Internet Marketing

chicago-attorneyDataflurry has worked with several companies in states like Illinois, we actually currently work with a Chicago DUI lawyer. We have found that Law Firms really see the value in having a strong web presence, and actually there are a large number of powerful companies working in the law firm search engine optimization field, however very few of them actually have the skills to propel their customers in front of their competition.

If you are a lawyer in Illinois looking for a Chicago Illinois search engine optimization company to help you bring your law firm to the next level, consider choosing Dataflurry as your preferred service vendor.  We have a massive number of positive testimonials, quality references and the client case studies to show we really are incredible at what we do.  As a law firm search engine optimization company, we have a major focus on improving our clients search engine rankings and have a large amount of experience at doing just that. We always try to under promise and over deliver so that all of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services. Being a member of the Better Business Bureau, SEMPO and many other business reliability organizations – we must make sure that we always maintain the highest levels of customers service and satisfaction.

Let’s assume that you are a Illinois personal injury lawyer.  Can you imagine the number of new clients that you could obtain if you were able to rank for phrases like: Illinois personal injury lawyer, Chicago personal injury attorney, Chicago wrongful death lawyer, Illinois auto accident law firm, Chicago dog bite attorney and all other terms relating to your practice as well as other surrounding cities in Illinois? The potential is massive, and if you choose a law firm marketing company like Dataflurry, you will be able to enjoy an incredible return on investment because you are hiring one of the best law firm internet marketing companies in the industry.  Many of our clients are able to obtain several new cases each and every month from our successful website promotion strategies.

Also, make sure that you choose a small and personal marketing agency to work with so that you don’t get “lost in the mix”. Many of these lawyer search engine optimization companies take on too many customers in one particular industry and can’t provide the level of service necesarry to help them succeed. Many of these companies will actually promote 10-20 different lawyers in a certain city within one practice area. Unfortunately, the customers that pay the most often times are the only ones that succeed and obtain the results they are striving for!